What is Food Design?

When you ask most people this question they will answer with a variation on “is it putting unusual combinations of food together?”. I always get a momentary vision of the inventive Letitia Cropley from The Vicar of Dibly with her celebration Chocolate Cake when I hear that.

If you do a Google search of the question ” what is food design?” you get an answer like this, “a process of design studies and research that generates new products related to food”. But that seems too academic or commercially driven and especially removed from food as a essential part of life.

Food is fundamental to life, every person has a connection to food that is personal and unique to them, we all have to eat!. Food is also a commodity in the world, where there is an undeniable link between food and agriculture, health, landscape, science, aesthetics, memory, culture, rituals. which means every human is connected to food in a global way as well as a personal way.

But my personal take on Food Design is that there is a hybridity to it. It is formed at the intersections of disparate personal and global systems, the grey areas that are neither one thing or another. It is a connecting practice, joining reality and thought.

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