How can we use Food Design thinking in our daily life?

Food Design thinking can be incorporated into everyday eating, in fact, you can do it!.

Start with curiosity, let’s look at an apple.

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How does an apple feel?, its weight, the texture of the apple skin. Take a big sniff, how does it smell? ( will always be more than just apple). Now bite into the apple, does it crunch, does it almost fizz on your tongue, is it juicy?. Close your eyes, are you transported to a memory of a place, a time, or something you have tasted in the past?. Your senses are now activated.

Is there anything or anyone you are reminded of, a flavour that might pair with the apple?, A texture you may want to explore, a memory you may want to express?. Can you change the scale, create a story, try a new technique or an old one?. It is time to get curious and play.

Creativity is how you elevate a meal from just something you have to cook to something that feels more joyful.

Food Design is not always complex, sometimes it is the simplicity of ingredients, the skill of resourcefulness, or sharing food with loved ones.

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