Kiwi Foodcast and the Foodsmith

Recently I was invited to record a chat between Perzan of KiwiFoodcast and myself, a rambling discussion around Food Design Thinking, Sustainability and food recollections…. and now it has been published…. EEK! This is the first time I have ever recorded anything I have said or even talked for this long about the subject I am passionate about, the nervousness does show through at the beginning BUT with one part of me excited and the other part mortified, I am putting this out there to the blogosphere. If anyone has any thoughts (kind thoughts please) about the things we are talking about I would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Kiwi Foodcast and the Foodsmith

  1. Dugal and I listened to this just now. We think you are brilliant!!!. You didn’t sound nervous at all. You are very eloquent. Mentioning how you navigate around having your strokes will be very inspirational for others.


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