Food Design Voices 2022

Within this book Dr Zampollo has collected and shared the words and insights of people who contribute to the global Food Design discipline. Capturing their thoughts, their perspectives, and their work. Here, food designers, chefs, academics, researchers, scientists and writers influential in this growing discipline, give their insights by answering three questions: What is the relevance of Food Design in the current global situation? What is your approach to sustainable Food Design? and What is Food Design today?

This book is a collection of answers to these questions, a sort of museum exhibiting people’s work around the same themes.

I was thrilled to be included in this book which documents and records the vast range of work being done within this discipline and, be the only New Zealander included with this rich and varied cohort. I hope reading this book inspires others to apply design thinking to the medium of food.

Available on Amazon or here through this clumsy looking link…