Sweet Sips

I have worked with Lemon Pie Events previously and this brief was a continuation of a bespoke cocktail I had previously designed. For this project we focused on 4 cocktail flavours. The design went through several iterations, firstly as a 1 liter premixed drink and secondly in small individual bottles. The recipe also went through many iterations and flavour adjustments to allow for locally sourced components.

The final outcome is Sweet Sips, ready to pour cocktails.

*No need for a cocktail shaker as there is enough space in the jar to add ice, shake and pour.

* The drinks can be chilled and a straw added, to save the environmental costs of extra glassware.

*The individual size makes it easy to quantify amounts for an event which cuts waste and surplus product.

*Each cocktail is based on using local ingredients and features botanical infusions to give unique flavours.

* The jar gets recycled at the end of each event, sterilized ready for reuse.

Bespoke Cocktails

The brief from Lemon Pie Events was to design a cocktail with a lot of wow factor but to be simplified so it can be made without specialized bar staff or ingredients. The outcome was “the lemon bombe” a cocktail which highlighted the companies name and colour themes, the components could be assembled ahead of time plus there is the option of making it non alcoholic whilst keeping the same look.

Garden of Goodness 2018

This was a really interesting and challenging commission; to be part of a team engaged to produce a product activation for health food company, Sanitarium NZ. My role was to produce hollow, semi-realistic, molded vegan chocolate 3 D shapes which would be filled with sweet or savory fillings (made from Sanitarium products) and would be either hung from trees or planted in edible soil. I have written a more detailed post here https://wordpress.com/post/the-food-smith.com/193. The outcome was a fantastical, magical experience for all who walked through and tasted from the Garden of Goodness, an increased awareness of Sanitarium’s alternative mylks and a New Zealand Design Award.

Design Award 2017

The International Design Concours, South Korea. The concept behind my entry into this competition was the “similarities of food and culture between South Korea and New Zealand”. This was a wakame/gim (seaweed) infused ganache enrobed in an 88% craft chocolate, with sea salt, to reflect the coastal nature and harvesting activities of both countries.

Award 2017


Consultancy for Ocho; Otago Chocolate company. From early stage proof of concept through to sustained growth in the company. I was engaged in Product development, chocolate making, systems, training, packaging, stakeholder communication and education.

Eideann Food Co

#1. The brief was to develop a chocolate bar for outbound tourists, which reflected a connection to the landscape. The outcome was liquid manuka honey enrobed in dark chocolate with freeze dried manuka honey inclusions, set in a peaked mold with 24 ct gold leaf on the peaks.

#2. The brief was to create a hot chocolate experience, an affordable luxury and to include chocolate. Mouthfeel and taste were priorities. The outcome was a range of 3 flavours, house blend, peppermint, spiced and in collaboration with Botanical Kitchen a reishi tonic. These were individual servings and could be made using dairy and alternative milks or water. The chocolate was sourced from NZ bean to bar chocolate makers and I developed the packaging concept.